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hagberg1303@gmail.comJonas Hagberg
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I’m not sure if it came without the bake light on some markets. but what I do know is that the black “square” where the light is suppose to go is in fact a tape or warping film.

as it so happens I manage to “brake” my tape when trying to refit the light once I bought my car (common issue that the light falls of) so I had to recreate it and put on a new one.

I bought some 3M matte black finish wrap film / foil and cut out a new one and used the sun film technique to glue it pack on the window.

I did this when my window was of the car. but I guess it can be done whit it in place. but it’s a bit fiddly..

I you want I can send you a 1:1 scanned template of the one I made from the original via e-mail ?