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Thanks Davies 🙂
I bought all products at Colourlock (http://www.centreducuir.fr/en/)

Here is list of the products I used:
– Leather Cleaner : http://www.centreducuir.fr/en/music-ipods/16-nettoyant-doux-cuir.html
– Leather Coloration : http://www.centreducuir.fr/en/29-coloration-selon-echantillon – I sent a small piece of leather, they did the coloration.
– Liquid Leather : http://www.centreducuir.fr/en/reparation-des-cuirs/40-cuir-liquide-neutre.html
– Leather Protect : http://www.centreducuir.fr/en/music-ipods/20-lotion-protectrice.html