The Concept 780 restoration team has added yet another element to this restoration- an upgrade to the Bosch LH2.4 fuel management system.  The B230FT “Redblock Turbos” came with the LH2.2 system in 1988-1989 but in 1990 they made a number of improvements including upgrading all 1990 and later models to the LH 2.4.  The 2.4 is supported by more chip makers and is better overall with reliability.  So thanks to the 1990 donor car we are making the full switch and rather than risking improperly matching the two systems, it seemed easier to simply pull over the entire wiring system, mins door harnesses or the harness that services the rear of the car with lights, trunk releases, speakers etc.  As we pulled literally all the wiring harnesses from under the hood and dash we gained a new appreciation of the engineering and amount of wiring in these cars. For sure an impressive number of wires!  This was the era where cars, like the 780, had numerous features that required extensive wiring that was even more bulky than modern day cars with more relays, smaller gauge wire and even fiber optics.  We are making lots of notes and looking at the various wiring diagrams!