Volvo 780 Color and Interior Codes/Vehicle Data

Exterior and Interior Color Codes

The 780 Coupe was offered in a select number of color choices, some of which were not available to any other models in Volvo’s lineup. The three-digit number preceding the name corresponds to that color’s code assigned by Volvo. This code can be used to obtain the correct OEM touch-up or spray paint canisters at your Volvo shop. The two-tone interior color combinations were unique to the 780.

1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991
Exterior Colors
019 Black X X X X X X
189 White X X X X X X
173 Red X X
200 Blue Metallic X X
400 Champagne Metallic X X X X X X
401 Lt. Brown Metallic X X X
405 Beige Metallic X X X X X X
407 Blue Pearl Metallic X X X X
408 Red Pearl Metallic X X X X

Interior Colors
2910 Grey(Brown)/Black X X X X X X
2930 Blue/Black X X X X X X
2950 Beige X X X X X X
2970 Dark Grey X X

Vehicle Data Plate

The color and interior codes, along with the car’s serial number, can be found on the vehicle’s data plate, located under the hood above the passenger side headlamp:

Note that the Bertone serial number is also the last six digits of the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

Date of Manufacture

The vehicle’s date of manufacture and gross weight information can be found on a sticker (shown sideways, below) placed on the driver’s door shell:

data sticker