How to Fix the Cracks in a 780 Dash

The 780 was extreme tested in the hot Australian outback in 1984. The results were good overall but, no surprise, the searing hot, oven like, temperatures meant a number of the interior trim panels needed to be reengineered. After a few weeks in the sun there were issues. With the trim shrinking and coming unglued [...]

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Side Window Frame Renovation for 780

By: Jonas Hagberg Gothenburg, Sweden   One of the common issues that effects most 780s after 25 years, especially in more humid climates, is rust around the rear side window frames. The rust is generally not noticeable at first and requires the removal of the rear seat and side panels to fully verify. This document [...]

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Restoration of the sunroof on a Volvo 780 Bertone

By Jonas Hagberg Gothenburg Sweden This document is created to give you some guidance in how to restore you sunroof in the best way possible with the original parts and in a reasonable budget. Since the sunroof is no longer available from Volvo, it’s up to us enthusiast to unite and do what is possible [...]

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Media and Press Quotes on the 780

Over the six year run, the 780 was featured in numerous car magazines and press releases. Here are a few of the more memorable quotes: The Positive: "As a commercial proposition, the 780 was a glass half-empty. As a car, however, it satisfies like a full snifter of quality vintage brandy." Collectible Automobile, April 2004, [...]

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The Bertone Volvos at the Volvo Techo Classica April 2015

Volvo Cars will be exhibiting two 780 Bertone, a total of five Bertones at the massive vintage and classic car show in the German city of Essen in April 2015.   Volvo is showcasing the Bertone Volvos in German during April.  In the course of its 88-year-long history, Volvo Cars has turned to Italy on a number [...]

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