VIN: YV1HA8726MD011714 (see owner timeline)

Initial delivery information:
  • Delivery country: Belgium
  • Delivery dealership: VOLVO SCHILDE, Van Velthoven, B-2230 Schilde
  • First registration date: January 28, 1991
  • Delivery remarks:

    The 1991 model was only intended to be delivered to the N.A. (B230FT) and the Japanese (B280F) market. Nevertheless at the end of the production Volvo made a special offer for 6 cars to the dealers in Belgium. My car is one of these 6 cars, so it has never been in North America. Volvo has changed the headlights because at that time they were not allowed in Belgium.

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Ownership timeline (descending ownership start date):

Ownership Owner Profile Licenseplate License Country Nickname Ownership start date Ownership end date Usage
Hedwig 1-ABK-952 Belgium From: November 15, 2002 Limited hobby use
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