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The VIN code or Vehicle Identification Code is the unique identification of a car. It is a 17 character code with numbers and letters and is in use from 1981. For our Volvo’s there are two formats, one for Europe (YV1782…) and one for the North American market (YV1HA…). The VIN code can be found on your car under the bonnet on a boiler plate, at the base of the windshield and in the drivers doorjamb. Usually it is also documented in your license documentation and obviously all these match on an honest car.

During the life of the car, the exterior color may change (repainted), the interior may change, engine and gearbox may be swapped but the VIN nr always remains the same. This unless there is foul play which should be avoided anyway. This means the only reliable way to recognise a car is to see the VIN number and this is why it is the base of our 780 coupe registry.

The registry has found 20 car records of 311