bluewall780The ability to find a well preserved 780 is becoming increasing difficult. As “daily drivers” have passed through a half dozen owners and endured the wear and tear of twenty plus years of the elements many have inevitably ended up going the way of the generic 740 to the pull-a-part yard and on to the crusher.

Others have been well cared for, but are showing signs of age, with the inevitable worn seats, cracked dash and wood and mechanical needs.

For a select number of 780s the original owner knew they had something unique and stored their car in a pampered environment. These under 75,000 milers are well preserved and well worth continuing to preserve.

If you have a 780, it would be worth the effort to find a buyer who knows what you have and can pay you more than the junkyard or crusher will bring.07-1988-Volvo-780-Bertone-Down-On-the-Junkyard-Picture-courtesy-of-Murilee-Martin-550x412

What is your 780 worth?  780s are selling for as high as $12,000 for an immaculate, preserved car with 35,000 miles.  The average price is around $3,500, with the typical average wear, condition and mileage in the 120,000 range.




Tips on Buying a 780:

Automobile Magazine Article on the 780 Collectable Classic

Tips on Selling a 780:

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