I think of a rotisserie chicken when I hear the word “rotisserie”. But for Concept 780 the rotisserie is the best way to restore and prepare the bottom of the car.  This device allows us to attach to the front and rear from a spinner or twirler to be able to spin the car up and over so that we can more easily access the bottom side. Thanks to our friend Glen, a professional welder who fabricated custom mounting brackets that go between the 780 frame rails and the rotisserie arms we were able to get the 780 fully in the air.  But before we flipped it, we had to attach a battery directly to the rear and front fuel pump, all but a small cup of fuel remained in the plastic saddle tank and not disrupted by the inversion.


The Rebuilding Generations team is hard a work doing the cleaning work of scraping, wire brushing, and steam cleaning the bottom of the Concept car to prepare it for the new undercoating as well as suspension. The plan is to have the “bottom half” fully complete before it heads to the paint shop in just 30 days!  Lots to do and thankful we can “spin” the 780!